Minerals Refining Company

Minerals Refining Company

MRC’s groundbreaking separation technology cleans and dewaters ultrafine coal, using surface chemistry to create a high-quality salable product, reduce waste, and dramatically improve plant economics.


Transformational Technology

Decades of mining and separation expertise are at the core of Mineral Refining Company’s patented cleaning and dewatering process for fine (-100 mesh) and ultrafine (-325 mesh) coal. Learn More

Captured Value

Our HHS Process consistently yields a salable product, with ash content of 3% to 6% by weight and single-digit moisture values – all from the waste stream that is typically discharged into a slurry pond. Learn More

Reduced Waste

Billions of tons of coal fines have been mined only to be thrown away in impoundments because of a lack of technology. Now, utilizing our patented HHS Process, we can take the black out of the waste stream. Learn More

The HHS Process

Minerals Refining Company’s patented, university-developed technology, called the Hydrophobic-Hydrophilic Separation (HHS) Process, uses surface chemistry to simultaneously clean and dewater fine (-100 mesh) and ultrafine (-325 mesh) coal. The result is more tons of salable coal, reduced waste, and improved plant economics.    

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Commercial Applications


Minerals Refining Company’s separation technology is offered commercially in the form of a modular plant installed near or adjacent to an existing coal preparation facility.


Although MRC’s initial focus is in the coal industry, our technology has applications throughout mineral markets such as copper, lead, zinc, and silver mining operations. Learn More

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