Minerals Refining Company


Although MRC’s initial focus is in the coal industry, our technology has applications throughout mineral markets such as copper, lead, zinc, and silver mining operations. Initial laboratory tests on chalcopyrite ore in a copper mill have shown increased recovery using the HHS Process over conventional froth flotation. Due to the high value of these minerals, even a small recovery from ultrafine material could result in a high value of additional minerals and revenue.

The “attaching” surface forces developed by HHS greatly exceed those of flotation bubbles, resulting in the recovery of both smaller and larger mineral products.  This graph shows the added recovery for a copper ore when HHS is used instead of flotation.  Thus, a natural fit for HHS at existing ore treatment plants is in the re-treatment of the final flotation reject.  Work is underway to develop a mobile proof-of-concept unit that will be capable of field testing at existing plants.